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Making Surgical

We develop new-concept of surgical staplers and minimal invasive surgical devices.

Making Surgical History

About us

This is Kang Min Woong, the CEO of Meditulip Co., Ltd., the corporation of Making Surgical History. Since its establishment in April 2015, Meditulip Co., Ltd. has made remarkable achievements. Within one year since its establishment, it was selected for the TIPS program for the first time as a national university (September 2015), certified as a venture firm, registered two domestic patents, and filed two domestic applications as well as one PCT application.

Moreover, we have obtained a factory site within the Osong Bio-Health Science Technopolis and plan to manufacture products in 2017.

Furthermore, we plan to make a second and third "Surgical History" through continuous research and development based on our technological and development skills. By supplying not only the domestic market but also the international market, Meditulip Co., Ltd. promises to serve as the light and the salt of the world, contributing to the country as well as to the society through continuous import-substituting effect, services, and donations.

Thank you.

CEO of Meditulip Co., Ltd.
Thoracic Surgery Department Professor
Chungnam National University Hospital
Min-Woong Kang
business model

business model

  • Main Clientele

    Main Clientele

    Domestic and international surgeons specializing in cancer operation
  • Main Channel

    Main Channel

    Establishment of a sales corporation
  • Core Activities

    Core Activities

    Selected for the TIPS program / selected as a Chungbuk Industry–University Cooperation R & D Enterprise Selected as a Value-creating Enterprise, etc.
  • Overseas Expansion

    Overseas Expansion

    Establishment of a branch office
    in China(Shanghai).
What’s new

What’s new

Title Date
Meditulip suggests a new paradigm for cancer operation



  • September

    Obtained a new technology patent for a surgical stapler with double blades


  • April

    Founded Meditulip Co., Ltd., a corporation established by a university faculty

  • August

    Opened the Osong office of Meditulip Co., Ltd.: Moved into the Osong Bio-Health Science Technopolis and qualified for various benefits under the Enforcement Decree of the Special Act on the Designation and Support of High-tech Medical Complexes (Presidential Decree No. 24454, March 23, 2013)

  • September

    Selected as a Chungbuk Industry–University Cooperation R&D Enterprise and for the TIPS program (first case for a company established by a national university faculty), and certified as a venture firm

  • October

    Made industry–university cooperation and venture firm established by university faculty investment agreement (Chungnam Industry–University Cooperation – ActnerLab – Meditulip Co., Ltd.)

  • November

    Held the Meditulip Co., Ltd. Medical Device Manufacturing TFT Workshop, which was participated in by institutions in cooperation, including the Osong Medical Innovation Foundation and Ji-Yool, a patent law firm

  • December

    Obtained a new technology patent for a surgical stapler that can secure tissues for pathological examination


  • January

    Selected as a Chungcheongbuk-do Province Innovative Medical Technology Value-creating Enterprise and developed a cooperation structure with the Osong Medical Innovation Foundation

  • January

    Visited five major medical stapler manufacturing companies in China and discussed cooperation plans for international market expansion

  • May

    Appeared on SBS CNBC 'The Eye of Enterprise that sees the Future Leader' + view

  • July

    Agreed an investment contract with Chungcheongbuk-do along with Medical venture companies.

  • October

    Attracted Series A (about 1.5billion won) investment from Domestic VC.

  • December

    Establishment of a branch office in China(Shanghai).

  • December

    Obtained approval of moving into the land of Osong bio-Health Science Technopolis.